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Explore Taronga Zoo with Our Convenient Taxi Service

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Discover the Majestic Three Sisters with Our Convenient Taxi Service in Sydney

When experiencing the wonders of wildlife, Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, is a must-visit destination. Opened in 1916 on the shores of the stunning Sydney Harbour, this Zoo offers an incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with over 4,000 animals from over 350 species, making it a leader in conservation and animal welfare and committed to protecting Australia’s unique wildlife.

Taronga Zoo is located on the shores of Sydney Harbour, just 12 minutes by ferry from the Sydney CBD. Ferries depart from Circular Quay every 30 minutes. While the journey to Taronga Zoo is sure to be an adventure in itself, getting there can sometimes be a challenge for tourists and visitors.

That is where our convenient Aussie Baby taxi service comes into play. Aussie Baby Taxi is the best taxi service in Sydney, ensuring you have a stress-free and enjoyable trip to this fantastic attraction. Let us look at some attractions and activities you can relish in Taronga Zoo with your friends and family.

Exploring The Taronga Zoo

The Taronga Zoo can be categorized into different regions, providing visitors with outstanding experiences interacting with nature.   

  •  The Australian Habitat – Home to some of Australia’s most iconic animals, including kangaroos, koalas, wombats, and dingoes. You can even get up close and personal with some of the animals at the daily keeper talks.
  •  The Primate Kingdom – Has a variety of primates, including gorillas, chimpanzees, baboons, and orangutans. You can watch the primates swinging through the trees and playing with each other.
  • The African Savannah – Includes a variety of African animals, including lions, elephants, giraffes, and zebras. Visitors can see the animals roaming freely in their enclosures, and observing these creatures in a habitat designed to mimic the African wilderness is a truly immersive experience.
  • The Seal Theatre – Hosts daily seal shows. Watch the harbor seals demonstrate their incredible agility and playfulness in the seal show. The shows are also educational, with the keepers teaching visitors about seal biology, behavior, and conservation.
  • The Free Flight Birds aviary – Home to a variety of birds of prey, including eagles, hawks, and owls. With its extensive collection of avian species from around the world, you can observe birds in flight or even attend live bird shows.
  • The Rainforest Trail – Delve into the lush rainforests of South America. In this exhibit, you can come face-to-face with free-flying birds, meandering tree kangaroos, and various primate species swinging through the treetops.
  • The Tiger Trek – This habitat is home to critically endangered Sumatran tigers and offers an immersive experience beginning with a virtual flight to Sumatra, where visitors are transported to the beautiful forests of Way Kambas National Park. Visitors then walk through an Indonesian-inspired village, where they can learn about the threats tigers face in the wild, such as habitat loss and poaching. It also features a Choice Mart, where visitors can learn about the impact of their shopping choices on tigers.
  • The Sky Safari – The thrilling gondola ride gives you a bird’s-eye view of Taronga Zoo and the surrounding Sydney Harbour. It is a great way to get your bearings and see all that the Zoo has to offer.

Planning A Visit to Taronga Zoo

Before embarking on your adventure to Taronga Zoo, it is essential to plan your visit:

  • Tickets – The cost of a Taronga Zoo ticket varies depending on age. Tickets for Adults can cost over $50, children aged 4-15 get one for $30, and infants below age 4 get a free pass. Visitors can avail discounts for students, seniors, and families year-round.
  • Transport – You can take a ferry from Circular Quay, which provides an exciting approach to the Zoo as you arrive by boat. Alternatively, you can drive to the Zoo’s main entrance. The Aussie Baby Taxi provides the safest and best group transfers in Sydney for families and tourists at an affordable rate, with complimentary baby seats to protect your little ones.
  • Accommodation – The Taronga Zoo offers two unique accommodations: the luxurious Wildlife Retreat and overnight camping at Roar and Snore. There are also multiple picnic spots for families to enjoy their trip.
  • Food and Refreshments – The Zoo has several dining options, from cafes serving coffee and snacks to more substantial meals at The View restaurant.


Taronga Zoo is more than a zoo; it is a sanctuary for protecting the world’s diverse and magnificent wildlife. From its spectacular location to its passionate commitment to conservation and education, the Zoo is an experience that should not be missed. So, make the trip to this Sydney treasure, and let the magic of Taronga Zoo captivate you.

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