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Pre-Book Your Taxi for New Year's Celebrations

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Pre-Book Your Taxi for New Year's Celebrations

Australia is one of the first countries to celebrate the New Year due to its time zone and geographical location within the southern hemisphere. Sydney, also the capital of New South Wales, has one of the most extravagant New Year’s Eve celebrations. The New Year begins with the iconic fireworks display over the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. Both local and international spectators wait to view this spectacular event, making it one of the most-watched New Year’s Eve celebrations globally.

The New Year’s celebration in Sydney is known for causing significant traffic congestion, especially a few hours before and after midnight, as people head to major centres like Sydney CBD and Darling Harbor for festive events and attractions. A sudden surge in traffic immediately 30-45 minutes following the midnight fireworks display often continues until around 3-4 AM. Hence, make a case to pre-book your taxi with a child seat to ensure the transport side of celebrations is covered.

Busy Sydney Streets During New Year Celebrations

More than 1.5 million tourists and residents attended New Year celebrations in Sydney in 2022. The number is expected to cross 2 million as Sydney prepares to welcome tourists for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Over 1 million visitors gathered along Sydney Harbour to watch the fireworks spectacle. Sydney is also preferred as a favourite celebratory destination due to its warm sunshine and balmy temperatures during December. Families spend time at the beach, barbecues become a standard festive meal, and casual attire replaces heavy winter coats.

During the New Year’s celebration, traffic volume around the CBD and harbour area can double, with roads like Cahill Expressway and Eastern Distributor experiencing significant congestion. George Street and Pitt Street also face bumper-to-bumper traffic as visitors head to these areas for a shopping spree while enjoying harmonious Christmas carols. Likewise, Sydney’s north and south ends through Pacific Highway and Princes Highway are renowned for having more than usual traffic. 

Reasons to Pre-Book for New Year’s Celebration

Apart from the usual reason of traffic congestion, there are many thoughtful reasons to pre-book with the Aussie Baby Taxi:

  • You get a trusted and punctual transportation service as you pre-book for Christmas and New Year celebrations. It saves you and your family from last-minute worries and long waiting times, allowing you to create memories during the upcoming festivities.
  • As Christmas and New Year celebrations draw large crowds, experienced drivers transport you safely to your destination using the most optimal route, saving you from the chaos of flagging down a taxi on a busy festive night.
  • Pre-booking with Aussie Baby Taxi also saves you from unexpected price hikes during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, as demand for transport services is high. Pre-booking your ride will save you from inflated prices and lead to transparent rates.
  • Receive timely group transfers in Sydney using comfortable vehicles and special event limousines that add luxury, privacy, and comfort to your celebrations. Vehicles can be customized with celebratory lights and snacks to ensure your family can create memories from the start of your journey.

Places to Visit for New Year Celebrations

Although Sydney is rich with culture, architecture, and fun, family-friendly attractions, some areas in Sydney hold prominence regarding New Year celebrations.

  • Sydney Harbor – Witness dazzling fireworks spectacles from iconic vantage points like Luna Park, Circular Quay, and Mrs Macquarie’s Chair.
  • Opera House Forecourt – the Forecourt is the centre of attraction as fireworks erupt right above the iconic Opera House. The event requires a ticket and comes with a breathtaking pyrotechnic show synchronized with DJ music.
  • Darling Harbor – It provides a more relaxed yet festive atmosphere. Soak in the fireworks reflected in the still waters and enjoy live music and entertainment at various bars and restaurants. Darling Harbor is also known for its leisurely New Year’s Eve cruise.


Pre-booking Aussie Baby Taxi using a user-friendly online booking platform is as easy as entering your details, including pickup location, destination, and time. The dedicated support staff will confirm the reservation and cater to special requests like complimentary baby seats, ensuring you are satisfied with the services. As you prepare to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, embrace the joy of the festivities by making your New Year’s Eve celebration in Sydney memorable. 

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