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Pre-Book Your Taxi for the New Year Event

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Every year, Sydney becomes the centre of New Year celebrations. With over two million people visiting Sydney to watch the famous fireworks around the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, roads start to clog as visitors flock to the nearest vantage point to experience the start of the New Year in style.

The New South Wales (NSW) government takes several key measures that ensure smooth celebrations for everyone. As the crowds gather around key vantage points to experience thrilling fireworks, many roads are blocked in advance for aid the flow of traffic. To reduce the hassle of finding a parking spot at your favourite vantage point and save time from clogged roads, pre-book the Aussie Baby Taxi with a child seat to enjoy dazzling celebrations across Sydney.

What To Expect on New Year’s Eve

Sydney is renowned for its majestic fireworks. People try their best to reach vantage points from where they can see the lighting spectacle and create memories with their friends and families.  

However, it is essential to be mindful of the traffic guidelines the New South Wales (NSW) government provides. Considering the Sydney CBD region is the centre of amazing New Year celebrations, roads around Sydney CDB will start closing in the early morning.

The closure starts at 4 am with Macquarie St north of Bridge St to the Sydney Opera House being the first streets to get closed. Roads near Circular Quay start closing early in the morning at 6 am; roads around The Rocks will be closed by 2 pm, while streets in the near Sydney CBD and Pyrmont suburbs begin to close around 7 pm.

Some roads around key vantage points in North Sydney, Milsons Point and Kirribilli will start closing early morning, and roads leading to the Cahill Expressway southbound lanes 7 and 8 on the Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay Overpass will close from 6 am on NYE. Likewise, the Sydney Harbour Bridge will close in both directions from 11 pm ahead of the midnight fireworks. If you plan to travel on the city-bound lanes of the Anzac Bridge, they will be closed for a few hours from 8:30 pm until the fireworks are over.

Pre-booking a taxi with a child seat becomes paramount to escape the crowded public transport and roads leading to Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Benefits of Pre-Booking on New Year’s Eve

The NSW government often closes New Year’s Eve roads to easily control crowds while allowing logistic and event management groups to prepare for celebrations.

Due to the prevailing closure of roads, visitors start reaching vantage points around Sydney CBD and the Darling Harbor early to enjoy dazzling fireworks as the clock strikes midnight. If you wish to reach these spots on time, the Aussie Baby Taxi can provide comfortable group transfers in Sydney so you can secure your favorite spot and create lasting memories.

Pre-booking a taxi in advance lets you plan your itineraries accordingly to reach celebratory events across the city. Some free vantage points across Sydney to enjoy fireworks include Robertson Park, McKell Park, Cremorne Point Reserve, West Circular Quay, Hickson Road Reserve, Campbells Cove, and the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. Many of these free spots are often alcohol free zones and provide great place to picnic with your family.

The historic Rock district and Luna Park are the best vintage places on New Year’s Eve as they offer an electrifying atmosphere, live music, food stalls, and performances. Pre-booking with the Aussie Baby Taxi can help you save on peak rates and secure your transport in advance. The door-to-door services will provide you with quick pick-up from key areas without walking long distances to fetch a cab.

To ensure the safety and comfort of little angels, the Aussie Baby Taxi comes with complementary child seat so that everyone from kids to adults can have a memorable ride. A rear and forward-facing child seat or a booster seat provides your child with neck and spine support while complying with NSW government safety guidelines for New Year’s Eve.  


Considering the high traffic and lack of parking spots across Sydney on New Year’s Eve, pre-booking taxis becomes the best choice. During this iconic celebration, they help navigate the bustling city, guaranteeing a hassle-free journey amidst the jubilant crowds. So get ready for a night dedicated to fun in the electrifying atmosphere as we welcome the New Year.

Seamless Transitions with Our New Year’s Taxi FleetYour Comfortable Journey Starts with Aussie Baby Taxi Services

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