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5 Best Taxi Services with Baby Seat in Gold Coast

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5 Best Taxi Services with Baby Seat in Gold Coast

The coastal city of Gold Coast is an excellent tourist place for families and solo travelers alike. It is equally thrilling for toddlers and babies with many baby-friendly spots that provide fun and adventurous activities for children.

For families traveling to the Gold Coast, booking the Best taxi service in the Gold Coast can provide convenience, safety, and comfort while traveling to beaches, parks, and sanctuaries. Many taxi services provide baby seat options that protect children from harm. Here are some baby-friendly taxi options and attractions to explore as you plan your next trip to the Gold Coast.

Baby-Friendly Attractions in Gold Coast

  1. Dreamworld

Situated in the suburb town of Coomera in the City of Gold Coast, Dreamworld is the biggest theme park in Australia with over forty rides and attractions. Easily accessible through the Best taxi service with baby seat in Gold Coast, children can enjoy thrilling rides such as Giant Drop, Sky Voyager, Dreamworld Express, and the ABC Kids World. At the same time, their wildlife section includes face-to-face encounters with tigers, koalas, dingoes, and kangaroos in the Tiger Island and Native Wildlife.

  1. Bella’s Wonderland

The iconic Bella’s Wonderland has innovative and imaginative play structures that give children an amazing supermarket and kitchen experience. Children can do grocery, dress up as chefs, use play kits, and cook in a mini kitchen that helps provide cognitive and social skill development. The café also offers all-day brunch and a pastry cabinet with daily-based specials.

  1. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is amongst the best baby and children-friendly zoos across Australia that families can reach by taxi with baby seats. The sanctuary features stroller-friendly paths, shaded areas, and playgrounds. It also offers zip lines, lorikeet feeding, wildlife shows, and Aboriginal cultural experiences, including face-to-face encounters with nocturnal animals, capybaras, koalas, and kangaroos.

  1. Timezone

For parents visiting Surfers Paradise, the Timezone theme park provides children with numerous interactive games, attractions, and activities. Children can enjoy classic arcade games such as Pac-man, Dance Revolution, and Starship, while there are VR games to take children to the virtual arena. Parents can also enjoy laser tag and bowling games with children.

  1. Sea World

More than just a marine park, Sea World offers a combination of thrilling rides, animal encounters, and educational shows. Kids will love watching dolphins performing, getting up close to penguins, and even riding the exciting Jet Ski and boats. The trident and leviathan rides, seal guardian presentations, Nickelodeon character meets, adventurous Cast Away precinct, and penguin pint are must-visits.

Best Taxi Services with Baby Seat in Gold Coast

  1. 13cabs

13cab is the biggest cab service provider in Australia and covers a wide area across the Gold Coast city. They provide affordable rates and prompt booking service but a baby seat guarantee is difficult to confirm. However, they do offer family-friendly services for peace of mind and safety.

  1. Aussie Baby Taxi

Aussie Baby Taxi provides professional taxi drivers in the Gold Coast who know the city and all major child-friendly attractions. Their taxi with baby seat comes with complementary AS/NZS 1754 standard front and rear-facing baby seats that provide maximum protection and comfort for toddlers and children. Their vehicles are well-maintained and provide optimal comfort with plush seats. Families can seek their group transfer service for an enjoyable outing.

  1. Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast

Corporate Chauffeurs also has an extensive collection of Gold Coast taxi services with baby seats. Their trained drivers prioritize family safety and comfort making family journeys stress-free. However, their services are limited to Gold Coast City, which can reduce the convenience families seek when traveling across cities.

  1. Surf City Transfers

Surf City Transfers specializes in Gold Coast airport transfers with baby seats. They have a modern fleet with child-seat availability that meets industry standards. However, the child seat option is not complimentary and requires prior confirmation at booking. It is also more inclined towards specialist airport transfers rather than general use.

  1. Black Grandeur Chauffeur

Black Grandeur Chauffeur is another highly known luxurious taxi service provider specializing in group transfers for larger families. Their fleets are thoroughly inspected for seat belts and carry child safety features that make them a top contender for the best taxi service in the Gold Coast. Although they guarantee baby seats, their services are premium with a limited fleet size.


Gold Coast is an exciting place to visit for solo travelers, children, and families alike. It is the perfect vacation spot in Australia with high-rise hotels, vast beaches, parks, and a wildlife sanctuary. Book a child-friendly taxi today and start creating more memories.

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