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Discover the Best Taxi with Baby Seat in Melbourne

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Discover the Best Taxi with Baby Seat in Melbourne

Melbourne is a vibrant metropolis with multiple attractions and activities for families. Known as the sporting capital of the world, it hosts the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), the Australian Open tennis tournament, and the Formula One Australian Grand Prix. Melbourne is also a cultural hub with the National Gallery of Victoria and other cultural sites that signify Australian culture.

Melbourne is also a child-friendly city embracing parents and children with playgroups, theme parks, community centers, and libraries. To travel to exciting attractions with infants and toddlers, parents must consider the following key factors when choosing taxi with baby seat in Melbourne.

Key Features to Seek in Taxi Services with Baby Seats

  1. Luggage Space

Many parents prefer reliable taxi services with baby seats in Melbourne when travelling for casual trips, groceries, or other cities for vacations. They carry luggage, strollers, and other essentials that require space to accommodate everything. Therefore, choose a taxi service with a vehicle fleet comprising of sedans or SUVs, ensuring sufficient space for all your belongings.

  1. Experienced Drivers

Parents should seek taxi services with child-friendly drivers, trained to handle baby seats and child passengers. Highly trained drivers demonstrate patience, and refrain from aggressive behaviour during the commute and make the baby’s journey more enjoyable. Aussie Baby Taxi conducts thorough inspections of its drivers before hiring and provides exceptional training to ensure they can handle passengers with toddlers and children effectively. It ensures passengers feel safe while travelling to their destination.

  1. Type of Baby Seat

Child safety during travel can be ensured using various types of baby seats. These include infant capsules designed to cradle the baby, rear-facing for younger children and then transitioned to forward-facing convertible seats, and car seats with a 5-point harness system and tether for added security.

Aussie Baby Taxi adheres to safety-certified Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1754 car seats for infants and children. These convertible and booster seats include seat belts that protect children’s heads, shoulders, and laps.

  1. Vehicle Condition

Vehicle condition is the most essential factor to seek when choosing the best taxi service in Melbourne. It is vital to ensure that the Melbourne taxi service with a baby has been inspected and issued the Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) by an authorized Victorian Licensed Vehicle Tester (VLVT). Taxi service providers should ensure their cars do not have defects, oil leaks, brake failures, or hydraulics issues that can result in accidents or harm to passengers.

Passengers should ensure vehicles have security cameras, cleanliness, properly installed baby seats, fare calculation devices, payment terminals, taxi registration numbers, tactile signs, and driver’s licenses before they embark on a trip.

  1. Easy Booking and Pricing

Let’s not forget booking convenience and transparent pricing are critical to customer loyalty and retention. A seamless booking option through the web, app, or phone can help Melbourne taxi companies with baby seats to retain long-term clients.

Likewise, understanding the pricing structure of taxi companies is essential. Many providers, likeit the Aussie Baby Taxi, offer complimentary baby seats when parents book a cab. However, some cab companies may charge a premium for baby seats as value-added services. This could inflates the total fare.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Taxi Services with Baby Seats in Melbourne

How can I ensure that the baby seat provided by your taxi service meets safety standards?

We strictly adhere to AS/NZS 1754 industry regulations and source seats with appropriate certifications for children safety. We regularly inspect and maintain our seats to guarantee optimal safety during every ride.

Are there any age or weight restrictions for children using the baby seats in your taxis?

Yes, as one of the best Melbourne transportation services with baby seats, we have age and weight restrictions for our baby seats to ensure children safety. Our seats are suitable for infants, toddlers and children till age seven to comply with safety guidelines to provide the safest travel experience for your child.

Can I request a specific type of baby seat, such as rear-facing or convertible, for my child?

Absolutely. Please make appropriate rear-facing, front-facing or convertible seat requests for your child while booking and we’ll strive to meet your preferences.

Do you offer assistance with installing and securing the baby seat in the taxi?

Aussie Baby Taxi as the best taxi service in Melbourne has highly trained drivers who assist with installing and securing the baby seat in the taxi. Rest assured, your child’s seat will be securely fastened to provide a safe and comfortable journey.


Melbourne offers diverse taxi services, but finding the perfect taxi with a baby seat can feel like navigating a maze. Keep factors such as vehicle condition, driver experience, type of baby seat and pricing in mind before choosing the right service for a smooth and stress-free experience. With careful research and informed choices, you can discover the perfect taxi service that ensures a safe and enjoyable ride for every family adventure in Melbourne.

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