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Exploring The Ocean-Inspired Wonderwater Attractions with Aussie Baby Taxi

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Exploring The Ocean-Inspired Wonderwater Attractions with Aussie Baby Taxi

As the summer sun glints off Sydney Harbour with shimmering aesthetics in the backdrop, aquatic life comes along at the Australian National Maritime Museum, taking you towards the enchanting realm of Wonderwater. A vibrant tapestry of activities woven from the threads of ocean wonder invites families to plunge into a world of exploration, education, and pure aquatic joy.

As you step through the Australian National Maritime Museum doors, an ethereal blue engulfs you, mimicking the ocean’s embrace. The air hums with the buzz of excited chatter, anticipation clinging to the salty breeze. The Aussie Baby Taxi provides a comfortable taxi with a baby seat so you can enjoy the aquatic marvel with your family and young ones. Let us explore how the Wonderwater mesmerizes us with marine memories like never before.

Aquatic Attractions

The “Octopus Garden” offers a kaleidoscope of digital wonder where children become luminescent jellyfish, darting between coral castles and dancing with animated eels. The shrieks of delight are infectious, each touch of the screen sparking a universe of oceanic marvels. Visitors get to see the impressive camouflage skills and intelligence of the octopus and the many ways they interact with aquatic beings around to survive. The exhibition is the collective work of creative agency Junior Major and environmental street artist Patrick Hunter.

Next comes the Great Southern LEGO Reef, the collective wonder of the Great Southern Reef Foundation and Ryan McNaught’s Brickman Team. The Great Southern Reef is an expansive and diverse marine ecosystem along Australia’s southern coast. Spanning over eight thousand kilometres, the reef is home to unique biodiversity, including kelp forests, colourful corals, and countless species. The free play table allows families and children to become imaginative architects, crafting vivid sea creatures with colourful bricks. Children can make rainbow-tentacled octopuses and wise sea turtles guarding coral homes come to life. Amidst laughter, parents join the creative chaos to make leaping dolphins, rediscovering their inner child alongside their little builders.

As visitors continue to marvel at the diverse aquatic life, they reach the “Ocean Photographer of the Year” exhibit. The exhibition shares over a hundred thought-provoking and inspiring images from across the world, revealing the underwater encounters between humans, wildlife and aquatic species. Visitors can see the iridescent fish dance amid sunlit reefs, breaching humpback whales, and the mesmerizing seahorse’s gaze. Each photo narrates an oceanic tale, making humans consider protecting the blue ocean from global climate change and pollution.

For those looking for heartwarming adventures, aquatic connections, and storytelling, the “Blueback” world brings a tender tale of friendship between a young girl, Abby and an aquatic grouper. As the dappled sunlight dances on the screen, we’re swept away by their connection, forged in shared moments of wonder and trust. Based on Tim Winton’s novella, the story highlights our ecological responsibility to protect Australian shores and the creatures who reside within them.

The captivating “Valerie Taylor: An Underwater Life” exhibition is tailored for those seeking courage. Visitors can witness Valerie Taylor’s awe-inspiring journey through fascinating photographs and underwater videos. She is renowned for underwater filmmaking and shark conservation. Her daring exploits reveal the secrets of the deep, from playful dolphins frolicking in kelp forests to the majestic dance of manta rays gliding through moonlit waters. Seeing Valerie and Ron Taylor’s underwater housings, caravans, and adventures is breathtaking. Her work is also a call to action to protect the oceans and its inhabitants before it is too late.

Visitors who enjoy live performances, Indonesian-Australian artist Jumaadi weaves a dreamy narrative of humanity’s connection to the sea through light and shadow. He explores trade, migration, and emotions linked to the waterfront through the intricate use of paper and animal skin cut-outs. Collaborating with composer Michael Toisuta, Jumaadi modernizes the traditional wayang, crafting evocative silhouettes reminiscent of the museum’s historic vessels like the Duyfken, Europe’s inaugural Australian-reaching ship in 1606. These are indeed one-in-a-lifetime exhibitions that families would love to attend. The Aussie Baby Taxi provides comfortable group transfers in Sydney so that you can visit the museum directly from the airport or your destination. The Aussie Baby Taxi will handle parking and transfer of passengers so that you can enjoy memories created with the aquatic life in the Wonderwater exhibition.

Besides digital exhibition and images, visitors can also see the HMAS Vampire, Australia’s largest museum vessel before the country’s naval technology shifted from guns to missiles. HMS Vampire served from 1959 to 1986, boasting 4.5-inch guns, anti-aircraft Bofors guns, and torpedoes. Aside from HMAS Vampire, visitors can also see Patrol Boat HMAS Advance and the replica of Captain James Cook’s HMB Endeavour. These ships are a treasure from history, honouring the lives of many sailors and service members who contributed to protecting Australian shores.


The Wonderwater adventure gives families a renewed sense of responsibility and a promise to champion the ocean’s cause and safeguard its magic for generations. Wonderwater is for you if you’re seeking an experience beyond the ordinary, yearning to learn about aquatic life, and connect with the natural world in a truly immersive way. Pre-book a child-friendly taxi today and dive headfirst into the wonder that is Wonderwater.

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