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Hidden Gem in The Rocks: Sydney's George Street Food Gallery

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Hidden Gem in The Rocks: Sydney's George Street Food Gallery

The Rocks is a historic and iconic area in the heart of Sydney, with its emergence dating back to the early days of European settlements in the eighteenth century. The Gadigal people of the Eora nation settled here for thousands of years, forging strong bonds with the land like other indigenous Aboriginal groups across Australia.

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the Rocks saw significant economic and social development, resulting in its own cultural significance, with many of the urban projects preserving its historic identity. The historic identity and the historic roots have given The Rocks its distinct flavor and festive environment. Presently, it is a perfect blend of history and modernity. It has become a popular tourist destination with cobblestone streets, roadside food carts, elegant restaurants, festive exhibitions, museums, historic buildings, and a vibrant market scene.

Sydney’s historic Rocks district is hosting The George Street Food Gallery, just outside the Museum of Contemporary Art. Let the Aussie Baby Taxi be your guide, as it provides one of the most comfortable group transfers in Sydney for a trip filled with historic vibes and flavors.

A Vibrant Alfresco Dining Precinct

Explore Sydney’s Rock District for an array of casual eateries, ideal for a delectable lunch, post-work bites with friends, or weekend family outings. Indulge in diverse culinary delights, from fresh seafood to artisanal treats, enhancing your dining experience in this vibrant locale.

Savor this summer with a culinary journey like never before as your taste buds explore the diverse flavors of Mexico, Malaysia, and Australasia at the George Street Food Gallery. Indulge in the finest Malaysian street food from Ho Jiak, taste of Mexico with Los Fridos, and Australasian flavors at Love Child.

Ho Jiak: Authentic Malaysian Street Food

Ho Jiak provides authentic Malaysian delicacies and was first opened in Australia’s affluent suburbs of Strathfield. Their culinary creation narrates a tale of heritage and enthusiasm. Their spicy Laksa is renowned as Sydney’s culinary gem, with perfectly cooked noodles dancing amidst a harmonious blend of spices. Ho Jiak is also known for its Char Koay Teow, a savory and smoky delight featuring locally procured seafood and Chinese pork sausage. The George Street Food Gallery also offers salt and pepper lollipop fried chicken, satay chicken spring rolls, and crispy chicken stirred with dome salt pepper. Try their Tarik milk tea of the The Limau lime tea to quench your thirst. Their dishes and delicacies will transport you to authentic Malaysian street food crafted by Chef Junda Khoo as he pays homage to his roots.

Los Fridos: Contemporary Mexican Twist

Los Fridos provides Mexico’s genuine and contemporary tastes, guided by the skillful Diego Luna, who imports authentic ingredients from his native land. The menu is a lively tapestry featuring tamales, chilaquiles, and cocoa-infused beverages. Indulge in the satisfying crunch of deep-fried corn tortilla pieces, sip on rich cacao drinks and refreshing and creamy horchata, experience the essence of Mexico through Tamal con Arte, and conclude your feast with delectable desserts. The desserts are a must-try as the rich pudding, flavorful churros, and concha sweet bread with hot chocolate will give you the essence of Mexican delights. Every dish weaves a narrative of Mexican tradition, seamlessly blending it with a modern twist.

Enjoy authentic Mexican food with your family, as kids love the vanilla and chocolate-filled churros. Pre-book Aussie Baby Taxi with a child seat so you don’t miss fine delicacies at George Street Food Gallery. The fleet comes with complementary baby seats so your loved ones are protected as you travel to the iconic Rock district. 

Love Child: Ground-breaking Australasian Dining Experience

Palisa Anderson, renowned for her role at the iconic Chat Thai, presents Love Child. This masterpiece combines the finest Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean flavors with Australia’s premium produce. This revolutionary Australasian dining venture has a diverse seasonal menu. They serve crispy wontons stuffed with prawns with green Sichuan, to Pioik Bakery brioche rolls overflowing with beef and betel-leaf koftas, chicken satay, and cocktail sauce. Their grilled skewers are equally tasteful with pork satay turmeric and coconut chicken, fish balls, and king prawn with smoky chilly jam. Finally, their stir-fried pork, tofu, and coconut Pad Thai can be enjoyed with fresh fruit slushes, nonalcoholic beer, and Alps spring water. This culinary experience will immerse you in the Love Child, which stands as a tribute to the harmonious fusion of diverse cultures.


The George Street Food Gallery offers Al Fresco Vibes as you enjoy your meal outdoors in the sunshine at the beautifully designed seating area. With fairy lights overhead and plenty of greenery, it’s a charming and relaxed setting with the historic identity of the Rocks to cherish. This pop-up experience is open until February 2024. So, don’t miss this chance to savor the global flavors and alfresco vibes!

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