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The Thrilling Jurassic Park Exhibition In Sydney

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The Thrilling Jurassic Park Exhibition In Sydney

Dinosaurs have always captivated the human imagination, with many pop culture adaptions shedding light on the history of these historic species. Originating during the Mesozoic Era, dinosaurs evolved into diverse species with awe-inspiring sizes and unique characteristics.

The era of dinosaurs is divided into three periods spanning over 170 million years. Many dinosaurs, including descendants of theropod dinosaurs, evolved into birds and reptiles, while herbivorous dinosaurs influenced plant diversity through their feeding habits. The mass extinction of dinosaurs began during the Cretaceous Period when a catastrophic asteroid impact caused significant environmental disruptions to a large number of dinosaur species.

For those who wish to discover the untold stories of these magnificent creatures, the Jurassic Park Exhibition is being held at the SuperLuna Pavilion in Sydney Olympic Park. Tickets can be booked online and cost $44 for adults and $34 for children aged 3-15. For those hoping to go with families and groups of friends, Aussie Baby Taxi provides seamless group transfers in Sydney to the Sydney Olympic Park. Let us look at some attractions visitors can expect at the Jurassic Park Exhibition.

Inside The Jurassic Park Exhibition

The Jurassic Park exhibition is a collective celebration of thirty years of franchise that began with the Jurassic Park film from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. The iconic family-friendly production begins with visitors going through the renowned “Jurassic World” gates. They encounter life-sized Brachiosaurus, velociraptors, and the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex as they enter. For those who love to meet baby dinosaurs, they can interact with “Bumpy” from the popular animated series Jurassic World.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex, better known as T-Rex, is a renowned apex predator due to its imposing size and fearsome appearance. With its massive skull, filled with sharp teeth and powerful hind limbs, a T-Rex could reach lengths of up to 40 feet. In the movie “Jurassic Park,” released in 1993 and directed by Steven Spielberg, the T. rex is depicted as a terrifying and intelligent predator that escapes its enclosure, leading to iconic scenes of suspense and awe.

The Brachiosaurus is another famous dinosaur that visitors can see at Isla Nublar. The gentile giant is known for its long neck and relatively long front limbs, giving it a distinctive appearance. It featured in many franchise movies; another child favourite to watch in the exhibition is Stiggy, portrayed as a young, mischievous, and fast-running Stygimoloch who was part of many action sequences in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

As you board a virtual Gyrosphere, prepare to hold your breath and navigate a dangerous jungle teeming with hungry predators. The immersive 360-degree visuals and synchronized movements deliver a heart-pounding adventure that will leave you wanting more.

Of the many attractions within the one to two-hour exhibition, children love to visit the Lab. The Lab is central to the scientific and ethical heart of bringing dinosaurs back to life. It highlights the advanced technologies that were used to extract dinosaur DNA from fossilized amber and also gives a sneak peek into the Hatchery, also known as the incubation chambers, where dinosaur eggs crack open, revealing adorable and curious hatchlings like baby Compsognathus or playful Bumpy from Camp Cretaceous. Paleontology Tools include the equipment and techniques used by real-life palaeontologists to unearth dinosaur fossils, study their anatomy, and piece together their lives millions of years ago. These sections are a great educational source and offer hands-on experience with fossil replicas and interactive displays, sparking an interest in palaeontology and prehistoric Earth.

Apart from these, there are many interactive activities linked to the virtual fossil excavation and DNA sequencing games, animatronic design, 3D modelling, and sound engineering that contribute to the exhibition’s realistic and immersive dinosaur encounters, allowing visitors of all ages to learn and have fun while exploring the science behind Jurassic World.

Heading to the Jurassic World Adventure

The Jurassic Park exhibition is a once-in-a-lifetime event to meet the hearts and brains behind the Jurassic World. The Aussie Baby Taxi covers your family with industry-standard taxi with baby seats. The adventure begins with children getting to know the exhibition and our drivers taking the optimal route to ensure you reach the Sydney Olympic Park on time.

The safe baby seat options provide imagination to children as they head to the Jurassic Jungle experience. Do not forget to pre-book to save on peak-hour rates while getting the best deals in Sydney to make your event and journey memorable.


So what are you waiting for? Grab your dino-loving friends, put on your khaki, and prepare to step into a world where imagination meets reality and dinosaurs roam the Earth again. Remember, life finds a way, and Jurassic World: The Exhibition finds a way to thrill, educate, and captivate all ages.

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